ZFK: Future Shorts for June

June 2nd, 2008 at 10:39pm brian

PREMIER SCREENING THURSDAY JUNE 5th @ KINO SVETOZOR 20:30 http://www.kinosvetozor.cz/cz/program/filmy/1818/Future-Shorts-June/

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP1Dg5tiNtw

Future Shorts returns in June
with an extremely high calibre programme of short films and music videos including the 2007 CANNES WINNER ‘VER LLOVER’ (Watching it Rain) from Mexico as well as the EUROPEAN PREMIERE of Alma Har’el’s music video ‘PA BAILAR CON JULIETA’ for the Bajofondo Tango Club. Also check out German thriller (and international festival sensation) ‘Between Walls’ alongside the first in the cult ‘Little Minx Exquisite Corpse’ series, plus many more cinematic treats including an R.E.M. music video from ‘Son of Rambow’ director Garth Jennings. This is fresh cinema – futureshorts.com


Between Walls
Dir: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu / Germany / 2007
On a building site in Berlin, a situation gets out of control when one of a group of illegal workers needs more money and a dangerous game begins…

Rope a Dope – Little Minx Exquisite Corpse
Dir: Laurent Briet / USA / 2008
Someone is gonna get their ass kicked.
This film is part of series – view them all at www.littleminx.tv

My First Crush
Dir: Julia Pott / UK / 2008
A 3 minute animated film constructed from interviews with friends based on their first encounters with love.

Ver Llover
Dir: Elisa Miller / Mexico / 2006
This the story of Sofía and Jonás, two teenagers living in a small Mexican town. Sofía wants to leave and Jonás has to decide whether to stay or leave with her.

Mushaboom (by Feist)
Dir: Patrick Daughters / USA / 2005
If you live in the city but dream of being somewhere quiet, let Feist lift you away…

Far From Home (by Tiga)
Dir: Nagi Noda / USA / 2006
Stay close to home with Tiga.

Do it Again (By The Chemical Brothers)
Dir: Michael Haussman / USA / 2007
The Chemical Brothers fall from the sky into a Moroccan desert.

La Parabolica
Dir: Xavi Sala / Spain / 2007
During the broadcast of the Pope’s visit, Vicente’s television breaks down. Desperate, he decides to build his own satellite dish.

This is slovenia
Dir: Michael Frank / Slovenia / 2007
Josko Joras is an obstinate man caught between two fires. He lives on the disputed border between Slovenia and Croatia.

Pa Bailar Con Julieta (by Bajofondo Tango Club) *EUROPEAN PREMIERE*
Dir: Alma Har’el / USA / 2007
Beauty therapy Bajofondo style.

Postcards from Italy (by Beirut)
Dir: Alma Har’el / USA / 2007
Super 8, home movie nostalgia from director Alma Har’el to the music of Beirut

Imitation of Life (by REM)
Dir: Garth Jennings / UK / 2001
A flexible Michael Stipe at a crazy LA pool party in a mind-bending video.




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