Danish documentary casting

August 31st, 2009 at 10:16pm brian

William Lee is directing a pseudo documentary for the Danish Embassy. He’s looking for a wide range of actors to come in to audition for the role, which will be paid. Actors who are interested should contact  him directly with a picture and a resume and he will be setting up auditions.

The film will be between 6 to 10 days of shooting in the second half of October: 3-5 days in denmark, 3- 5 days in Czech. More information after the break:

William writes: “The documentary is for the Danish embassy here, they want an educational documentary that they can take around schools, explaining some of the ecological projects that the country is involved in.

“Because we have to make it fun and interesting for the “youth”, we’ve turned it on its head and the documentary is about a “fictitious” Dane who is applying for aslyum to the Czech Republic because he feels his ecological rights are being infringed in Denmark, where everything is so clean and ecological. The film is a mockumentary in that it’s a series of interviews with him where he explains why he has applied for asylum and in the process explains about the ecological projects the Danish Embassy wishes us to feature. And complains how life is unlivable in such a clean country. This is set against “home video” footage of his holiday in the Czech Republic where he hangs out in Most, and other polluted places.

Right now we’re trying to decide whether the film will be in English, or “broken” Czech and therefore whether we’ll cast a foreigner or a Czech. When I find an actor who fits the role, that’ll make the decision for me.

I’m not sure what type of actor I’m looking for. He might be a greasy biker, he might be a school teacher. I’d like to cast a whole bunch and see if someone stands out. I’m happy to look at non-actors as well as professionals.

If you could ask anyone who is interested in coming to a casting session to send me their email and contact number. I’ll forward this on to the producer and when we make a decision when and where, and how the casting will be organised we’ll do a mass mailing.


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