Microsoft Casting, Monday Oct 18, 2010

October 16th, 2010 at 08:29pm brian

Nancy Bishop is casting a Microsoft commercial and is having an open call on Monday, October 18th at the Prague Film School. Please go if you fit the description for one of the roles below:



Shoots in Prague: 24-28 Oct, 2010


CLAUDE: Can be any nationality. Comic. Lead Role. 20s or 30s. He is very awkward, and always says or does the wrong thing. He desperately wants to be liked but people avoid him. Need accomplished, funny actor who is physically and comically talented.

DANA. American. Mid 30s, mid- higher lever Executive. Smart, capable, not afraid to speak her mind.

ROB. American. Mid 30s. He works for Dana. Smart, nice, helpful, honest normal guy.

LIZA. American. Early 20s, study-abroad college student. Pretty, sweet, warm. Not modelly

MOM+ DAN. American. Liza’s parents. 50s. Normal wholesome Americans. Conservative types

ANNA. American. Early mid 20s. Cool and funny. Good looking and funny. Mary-Lynne Rajskub type.

DAVE. American. Her friend and also early 20s. Good looking, stylish, social, likeable.

THIEF. Any nationality. Steals laptop computer. Must have driver’s license and be able to ride Vespa.

*Fee Structure:

CLAUDE, 18,000kc/day + 120,000kc buyout

DANA, ROB, LIZE, MOM, DANA, ANNA: 18,000kc/day + 40,000kc buyout

DAVE, THIEF: 6,000kc/day + 20,000kc


Casting Info:

Where: Prague Film School Annex Building

Pstrossova 15, Prague 1, 4th floor

Near Narodni Divaldo tram stop or Narodni Trida Metro

Time: 10– 18:00

Date: Monday, 18 Oct

For info please call Misa Formanova: 723 704 659

Callbacks will be: Tuesday, 19 Oct.


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