Video art project looking for actors

April 29th, 2011 at 10:22am brian

Michael Gimenez, a visual artist whose work is based on confrontation and research around representation formats and their boundaries, is working on a project which will have a group exhibition in the City Gallery of Montpellier, in France, opening on May 27. The main concept of this project is to confront two different kinds of formats: on-line writing and cinema vocabulary.  He will make use of a serial of comments collected from an USA Today webpage article as an original dialog text. He considers writing a comment or chating on-line as an original way of expression, between live conversation and writing. Interested? Click the “more” link to see more about the project or just contact Michael directly at

He won’t change any single word from what people wrote about the article, even spelling mistakes, which might be heard once in actor’s mouth. This text will be played and filmed in a standard classic way. In an ideal situation, each commenter would be a different character/actor. As this kind of comments looks like a debate, all available on the same web page, the whole film will take place in one single room, all the characters will be gathered inside.  The acting itself won’t be too important in term of time of preparation and rehearsal, since each actor will have a small amount of text to say.

Some actors will probably play two or three different commenters/characters. Each actor will be kindly welcome to participate to character development according to what inspiration comes from comments.

He will organize a meeting to talk about the whole process as soon as he has a group of actors together.  There is no budget for the actors, but the video will be shown around Europe. The shooting will be held on middle of May.