Off and Running – Sweeney Todd’s First 3 Shows!

July 3rd, 2012 at 12:04am brian

Well, we opened Sweeney Todd on Thursday to a packed house and a standing ovation! There will be more photos from the performance later (there are some photos from the dress rehearsal — we did not have all the makeup and hair — here).

We now have a break in our performance schedule until July 13 and are feverishly selling tickets!

Here are some audience comments from the first three shows:

“It was absolutely brilliant – the singing, acting, directing, scenery. Congratulations.” – Valerie Levy

“I organised a party of 5 to attend last night’s performance and we all agree that the presentation was fantastic! You must be thrilled with it.” – Sean O’Sullivan

“Congratulations to you and especially Caryn Stringer who I, having seen 8 different Lovetts in ten different productions over the years, will rank her up in the top 3. Why she’s not in the West End somewhere is a mystery.” – Paul Margulies

“Recently, we saw 3 different shows in New York. Your collective performance and musical ability equalled anything we saw there. The individual performances by the leads was admirable but we also were especially impressed by the ensemble cast.” Cheryl Caspe

“na Vašem představení jsem byl se svojí matkou, která moc anglicky neumí a přesto bylo Vaše představení tak skvěle hrané a připravené do detailů, že si odnášela nezapomenutelný zážitek. Naše poděkování Vám patří i za starost o námi objednané lístky. Do divadel chodíme často, ale ještě se nám nic podobného nestalo, aby přišla zpráva o uložení lístků na pokladně. Díky za starostlivost i za silný umělecký zážitek. Vaše představení doporučíme všem svým známým, protože by byla škoda nevidět hrát herce s takovým nasazením a nadšením. O velice příjemné atmosféře nemluvě. Ještě jednou veliké, upřímné díky a mnoho dalších hereckých i životních úspěchů.” – Jakub Cadil

(translation: I went to your show with my mother, who doesn’t really speak English and despite that, the performance was so wonderfully played and prepared in detail that she had an unforgettable experience. We want to thank you as well for taking care of us even during the ticket ordering process. We go to a lot of theater and I’ve never had it happen that I get an email confirming that I have tickets waiting for me at the theater. Thank you for the devotion and the strong artistic experience. We are recommending your show to our friends because it would be a shame not to see actors play with such a setting and passion, to say nothing of the pleasant atmosphere in the theater. A big and heart felt thank you and we wish you much success in art and life.)

Don’t miss this show!


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