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Tickets for RENT – The Musical are now on sale!

Steve Josephson, the director who brought “Sweeney Todd” and “The Glass Menagerie” to Prague, has joined with a cream-of-the-crop group of Czech musical theater stars to present the no holds barred, hard hitting musical. The production features a live band and is presented in English with Czech subtitles. The talent and energy from the cast is simply electric. Don’t miss what is sure to be one of the most powerful theater experiences of the year! 

For more information about the show, check out the preview article on You can also join the facebook page to get regular updates from the cast and crew.

The show plays every weekend in August (Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19:30) at Divadlo Na Pradle (Besedni 3, Prague 1 at Ujezd tram stop). Tickets are 690 Kc, but you can get a 200 Kc discount (!) by using this link: Be sure to click “English” on the left hand side of the header bar if you need the ticketing process to be in English.

The tickets may seem expensive by Prague English-language theater standards, but this show is far above those standards. You simply don’t get show with this much talent, heart, direction and power. You will not be disappointed!

August 4th, 2013

Glass Menagerie In Depth: Rachael Collins, Props

rachael collinsBy Damien Smethurst

Between now and May, when their new production of ‘The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams opens, Prague Playhouse will be bringing you a series of short articles which will hopefully give you an insight into how things work behind the scenes in the world of theatre. In light of Prop 8 fight in the United States, todays article is going to focus on props, and more importantly on how they come to be on the stage when they need to be and one of the people responsible for getting them there.

Rachael Collins has been in Prague since late 2007, and she is one of the prop mistresses for this latest play. We managed to talk her into giving up a few minutes of her time to answer a few questions for us.

1 – First of all, how about an introduction. Can you tell us who you are and how you came to be working with the Prague Playhouse?

Hello, this is Rachael Collins, resident of Praha since late 2007. When I first came to Praha I didn’t know anyone and had never been to the city. I turned to my love of theatre in order to feel ‘more at home’ and get to know other people, both expats and locals alike. Someone put me in touch with Brian Caspe not long after I arrived, so here I am.  This is my first show with Prague Playhouse.

2 – People dream of being famous actors, writers, or directors, but as far as I’m aware most kids don’t grow up wanting to be a props guy/girl when they grow up. How did you get involved in this aspect of theatre?

I don’t want to be the actor that says ‘ Well, if I don’t have a part in the cast, then I won’t do anything at all!’ A show isn’t just a talented cast and a skilled director, its costumes, stage crew, advertising, and, of course, props. I want to do what I can, to do my part.

3 – What are the special challenges facing someone when it comes to finding the right props for a particular play?

Making sure the props match the time and circumstances of the play and its characters is a key issue. Depending on the action of the show, making sure you have back-ups or, have someone that can repair props if need be. 

4 – Are there any challenges specific to this particular play, such as finding articles from a certain time period for example?

Yes. Late 20s early 30s design in the American south is not the same as late 20s and early 30s design in he Czech Republic. Therefore, any larger props will have to be almost time-period neutral. Finding the glass figurines is the central challenge and one that will require creativity and ingenuity. 

5 – What kind of places do you generally go to when you’re looking for props?

Flea markets and Bazaars are your friend in this case. Same goes for thrift shops. Scouting other prop departments in local theatres is also helpful.

6 – Can you tell us what kind of budget you generally have to work with for a typical play, and how that gets worked out?

As this is my first time dealing with props and managing a budget with the others, I couldn’t tell you what I consider typical. Being able to stretch your crowns goes without saying. 

7 – What skills would you suggest people who want to work with props on a regular basis aim to improve?

Good question. Well, persevere when it comes to hunting down that perfect set piece and learn to think outside the box, be creative with what you have.

8 – Are there any specific tools that you consider important when it comes to creating props?

A good reference book for the era that you are dealing with, such as picture books, photograph collections, etc. I don’t know if you would consider this a tool, but unless you are dealing with a modern play resources like this can be very helpful. 

9 – How closely do you tend to work with the writer/director or set designer when designing props?

As I said before, this is my first time working with props in such a hands-on way, so I will interact with the writers and directors as much as they see fit or necessary. 

10 – What sort of percentage of found, bought and made do you generally aim for with the props for a particular production?

I think it’s good to have an even mix of everything. I’m not sure what percentage I would give, but if you have a limited budget you would tend to have more found and made rather than all bought on sight. 

11 – What is your favourite thing about working with props?

Finding a long sought after piece or making a really fantastic set piece that really pulls the whole stage together. 

12 – Is there a particular prop or set from past productions that you’re particularly proud of?

Years ago, in college, our department put on a production of ‘As You Like it’, and I signed on as part of the set building crew. For the Forest of Arden, we created a central store made of dozens of pieces, a wooden mosaic if you will, painted in greens and browns and yellows to resemble a forest and meadow. It was incredible. It took hours upon hours to cut, paint, and assemble, but it was worth it. From the sound booth above it reminded me of a stained glass window such as cathedrals have. 


March 29th, 2013

The Glass Menagerie: Tennessee Williams’ Story

Young Tennessee WilliamsBy Damien Smethurst

“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician.
He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”

So begins ‘The Glass Menagerie’, the breakthrough play by Tennessee Williams, and the first production
of the year by the Prague Playhouse after their superb productions in 2012.

This is a play about a family, and as seems to be common in theater, somewhat of a dysfunctional one at
that. The play is based on Williams’ own life, and since making its theatrical debut in Chicago in 1944 it
has been considered a modern classic due to the fact it deals with things that we as individuals can relate
to and understand.

The play is based on the fact that to some extent we all feel some level of responsibility to our own
family, and yet at the same time we often feel the undeniable urge to break away from them and get out in
the world to do our own thing, unburdened by other people, no matter how much we might love them. It
also looks at the archetypical Southern lady, trying to keep her family together in the midst of events that
are anything but conducive to togetherness.

As we know, there are people from all over the world in Prague, and we are here for countless different
reasons, but deep down we all have some level of residual guilt about things like leaving our family
behind, and that guilt is the very essence of this play, so it is a production that appeals to everyone,
regardless of background.

The play was first translated into Czech and shown in Prague in 2001 at Divadlo Petra Bezruče, and
that initial run lasted for 5 years before the play finally closed in 2006. Since then, it has been played
at Slovácke Divadlo, Švandovo divadlo na Smíchově, Divadlo Metro and also in small towns such as
Kulturní centrum Rakovník, Moravske divadlo Olomouc, Buran Teatr Brno, and it has generally been
well received by Czechs.

This production however is the first showing of the play in Prague since at least 2009, and the first ever to
be performed in English and with native English speakers.

March 10th, 2013

A Christmas Carol Closes on December 16th!

We are very excited to bring you the final weekend of A Christmas Carol at Divadlo Inspirace. There are only a few seats left so make your reservation now by going to our online box office.

If we are no longer taking reservations for the show you want to go to, or you find you are able to come to the show last minute, then you should still come! It is quite common for several (5-10) reserved seats to become available at the last moment. So don’t be afraid! Come and ring in the Christmas spirit with us!

Photos by Gunther Doe || Perfect Pixel

December 12th, 2012

Join Us For: “A Christmas Carol” December 7-16, 2012

It’s Christmas time, and the Prague Playhouse is once again bringing you Charles Dickens’ timeless classic, A Christmas Carol. In what is fast becoming an annual family tradition, director Michael Pitthan offers a fresh retelling of this tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, who starts the play in greed and selfishness to find his humanity in the end. Pitthan explores the Scrooge in all of us: if Scrooge, the worst of us, can come out of the darkness to find redemption, can we not too come into the light?

Pitthan, a long-time member of the Prague Playhouse, has a background of work in the U.K. which was orientated towards a strong ensemble approach involving performers playing multiple characters. He brings music, dance and song together and invites the audience to actively participate.

Musical director, Tyson Jaquez, is a new addition to the Prague Playhouse. Having only been in Prague a short time, Jaquez is very excited to work with the cast and crew on this production. He studied music education in the United States and has over five years of innovative teaching and performance experience in addition to his musical directing.

Pitthan and Jaquez have brought together a brand new international cast that brings an incredible range of skills to this year’s production. Combining traditional carols with original interludes, composed by Jaquez and accordionist Jirka Čevela, the music sets the scene for the journey of a human soul from darkness into light. Milan Malinovsky, Stuart Mentha, Azadeh Mohammadi, Marie Majkusova, Lloyd Waldo, Veronika Bellova and Eric Sammons make up the ensemble cast.

The Prague Playhouse’s production of A Christmas Carol comes on the heels of this summer’s successful production of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. Carol will be a much more intimate production than Todd, which featured a cast of twenty and a live nine-piece orchestra.

A Christmas Carol plays for 9 performances only at Divadlo Inspirace (December 7 at 19:30 and December 8, 9, 15, 16 at 14:00 and 19:30). Tickets are 250 Kc general admission, 200 Kc for students under 26 and seniors 65 and older. Tickets can be reserved online at For more information, please contact Laura at 776 605 227 or Anezka (for enquiries in Czech) 737 113 161.

1 comment November 18th, 2012

Attend The Tale Of SWEENEY TODD: Starts June 28!

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street opens on June 28 (less than 2 weeks away)! The show features a live orchestra, a large ensemble and amazing performances from professionals from all over the world. This is truly not to be missed! There is more information on the show as well as links to order tickets at the Sweeney Todd Website. You can also join us on Facebook!

With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, this musical is one of the masterpieces of the 20th century. This is the first time it will be shown in Prague and there will only be 10 performances! Don’t wait to get tickets.

Steve Josephson, our director who has come from California to stage the show, has created a magical atmosphere on stage. It is sure to give you chills. Set in a graveyard, the story is told by the ghosts of Sweeney’s victims, all fighting to impart the message: To seek revenge may lead to Hell, but everyone does it…

Brian Caspe and Caryn Stringer head up the cast as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Jan Tenkrat and Veronika Bellova play the young enginues Anthony and Johanna. Karel Korsa plays Tobias, Milan Malinovsky plays Judge Turpin and Jamie King plays the Beadle. Lucie and Petr Novotny round out the cast as the Beggar Woman and Pirelli. Ensemble members David Bousa, Hana Kadlecova, Jana Machova, Viktoria Matusovova, Michael Pitthan, Eric Sammons, Tereza Trnkova, Boris Wilke and Monika Ziskova provide amazing support to the show with outstanding musicality and presence. For full biographies, please visit

Emmanuel Placier, who provided the music for last year’s A Christmas Carol, is conducting and doing the musical direction. Ruth Siller and Abby Kraemer head up our technical side with Stage Management and Technical Direction respectively.

SWEENEY TODD, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

June 28 – 30, July 13 – 14, 18 – 20, 28 – 29 all at 19:30

Venue: DIVADLO NA PRADLE, Besedni 3, Mala Strana, Prague 1 (near Ujezd tram)
Tickets are available at the theater, or you can order them at
Tickets are also on sale at Bohemia Ticket (Na Prikope 16)

For more information visit

2 comments June 18th, 2012

Sweeney Todd! Sneak Preview May 30!

The entire Prague Playhouse team is ecstatic to announce our upcoming production of Stephen Sondheim’s SWEENEY TODD, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The production, which opens June 28, 2012 and runs until July 29, 2012, is our most ambitions project yet. It will feature a live 10 piece orchestra and 20 actor/singers performing one of the most challenging and beautiful musicals ever written.

Over half the cast are Czechs from the professional musical theater. Steve Josephson, a veteran musical theater director, choreographer and performer has come from California to stage the show. This is a multi-cultural production in the true sense of the word.

And we want you to join us for a SNEAK PREVIEW at Belushi’s Bar (Odboru 4, Prague 1) on May 30th from 18:00-21:00. For just 100 Kc we will buy you a drink while you can listen to songs from the show performed by our company (including the orchestra). We will also have some wonderful prizes for you to bid on in a silent auction (see our list of sponsors below!).

If you’re excited to hear the music performed by our outstanding company, if you might be out of Prague during the summer and miss the performances, if you want to be among the first to experience a part of this show, then come out to see us! This Sneak Peak is one night only!

2 comments May 16th, 2012

A Broad’s Way Presents: “Dokola” 17.5 – 26.5 at 20:00

A Broad’s Way Productions and Prague Film & Theater Center are proud to announce upcoming production of ‘Dokola’, a collaborative, adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s, “La Ronde”

Dokola is an intimate tale of connection (and disconnection) surrounding the intertwined sexual relationships of ten archetypal characters living in 2012 Prague. Dokola, A Broad’s Way Productions’ biggest show to date, is a highly unique and fresh production, which effortlessly marries theatre, film, dance and original music to explore these ten diverse relationships.

The adapted play follows ten dynamic characters on a cyclical journey through the gritty, sometimes awkward, and revealing conversations people have with their sexual partners behind closed doors. When director Jay DeYonker of New Jersey, was asked about the show’s content and the company’s choice to update the infamous play he said, “When ‘La Ronde’ was first conceived in 1897 it was banned for its raw content. With our adaptation, we have challenged ourselves to explore similarly controversial, yet highly relevant themes surrounding the sex lives of Prague’s diverse community.”

Dokola premieres at the Male Vinohradske Divadlo on May 17th.

WHEN?: 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th, 26th May 2012 @ 8pm
WHERE?: Male Vinohradske Divadlo, Zahrebska 468/21, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Advance Tickets: 200kc
On the Door: 250kc


May 13th, 2012

Only A Few Spaces Left For Nancy Bishop’s Masterclass On March 10, 2012

There are only a few spaces left for students interested in joining Nancy Bishop for an intensive 1-day on-camera masterclass this Saturday, March 10, 2012. The class will focus on scenework. Students will receive 1 scene which they must prepare beforehand and will receive another scene which they must perform as a “cold reading”.

Nancy is a casting director with a sharp eye and a long resume of over 40 Hollywood Films. This class is perfect for actors who have worked with Nancy before and would like to go deeper in depth as well as experienced actors who have not had a chance to work with her.

The masterclass costs 2.000 Kc for the day (10:30 – 16:30) and is payable upon acceptance. Students will be taken on a first come-first served basis, but priority will be given to actors who have worked with Nancy in the past. To book your place, please send an email to today!

March 6th, 2012


A solo dance performance by Pavel Zuštiak & Jaro Viňarský

Archa Theatre – February 7 & 8 / 8:00 p.m.

What does it mean to be in exile? How does exile change a person? What is exile? When does it end? What is the difference between a refugee, an expat, a deportee and an emigrant? Don’t all of us live within some borders?

These and other questions are raised in the solo dance performance Bastard, the first part of a trilogy of projects by Slovak-born New York choreographer Pavel Zuštiak, which explores themes of uprootedness, transformation and otherness, and is inspired by Jerzy Kosiński’s controversial novel The Painted Bird.

“Vinasky is piercing … Frederickson’s score bracing… ‘Bastard’ is searing.”

“A violent tale, tenderly told: ‘Bastard’ earns its emotional extremity – with tenderness and quiet.”

“A vivid, often anguished imagination shines through in [Zustiak’s] work.”

Concept and choreography: Pavel Zuštiak
Dancer and co-author: Jaro Viňarský
Music composed and performed by: Christian Frederickson
Produced by: Palissimo Inc. (USA)
Co-produced by: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie (SK), Institut Jerzyho Grotowského (PL), La Mama Etc. (USA)

Tickets: CZK 290 / students and seniors CZK 190

February 2nd, 2012

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