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Extras needed for short Obama video

Jeff Smith just sent me this:

Micah and a bunch of us on working on this Obama in 30 seconds video.
RSVP please: Micah Jayne or 777 352 630

The commercial is for Moveon’s Obama in 30 seconds contest –
if it wins could help the cause and make it onto US TV..

Some more extras would be great if know any actors that woudl want to come out and help out.

– We are currently scheduled for THIS Wednesday (April 9) at 10 am, rain or shine. We’re looking into getting some sunshine, but the guy wants too much money.

– We really need as many extras as possible, so please, come out and bring a friend or two! We want it to look like a busy street scene in Anywhere America! Here’s more information about the shoot:

1. For the shoot, wear anything blue, green or white, but try to avoid lots of bright red and tight patterns. Also, please avoid anything with a big logo on it or anything with non-english writing
2. We will provide some lunch “on set” for everybody
3. The first location is here
You can take bus 116, 161 or 254 from Dejvicka to the stop “Nad Habrovkou”
We are trying to work out a van to get people up there from Dejvicka, but no luck yet

RSVP please: Micah Jayne or 777 352 630

The commercial is for Moveon’s Obama in 30 seconds contest –
if it wins coudl help the cauise and make it onto US TV..

April 8th, 2008

ZFK: ‘Future Shorts Czech Republic’

You are accordingly invited to attend ‘FUTURE SHORTS CZECH REPUBLIC’

Future Shorts Czech Republic launches it’s new monthly short film festival programme. April 10th 2008 at Kino Svetozor 20:30 – After party “Directors and Cocktails” at ‘Bukowskis’, Zizkov from 00:00.

Tickets go on sale next week. This event will sell out fast, be warned. Pre-booking can be done at

Check out the full programme by visiting and clicking FS PROGRAMME.

If you miss the Kino Svetozor screening, you can check out highlights at one of our MOVIE BAR events. Again check the website above for details.

Join the Facebook group for invites to SECRET CINEMA

Also, submit your film and become part of the worlds biggest short film festival.


March 26th, 2008

ZFK: London To Brighton

Get down to Skutecnost Sunday 16th March 20:30 for another FREE ZFK movie night. Including short films, viral videos and our feature London To Brighton (2006).

Date:  March 16, 2008<br />Time: 20:30 – 23:55<br />Where: Skutecnost/Czech Inn<br />Franscouzka 76, Prague

March 12th, 2008

CR to pass tax reform?

This article in Variety says that the Czech Republic is finally doing something to staunch the exodus of productions to the East. It looks like the tax reform that is on everyone’s mind is going to happen in 2009. Will it be enough to lure Hollywood back to town? Already this year there have been auditions for at least two major English language films (Solomon Kane and GI Joe). Here’s hoping that the incentives along with the end of the writers strike will get more consistent production coming to town.

February 12th, 2008

Low Budget Film Shooting in Poland

I recently received an email from Van ( who is looking for English speaking actors to audition for a low budget film to shoot in Poland. I’m not quite sure what the pay will be, but travel and expenses will be paid. It’s about a 9 day shoot.

Van will be in town 11-14/2/08 to meet with/audition actors. If anyone is interested in scheduling an audition, they should get in touch with him ( He is looking for acting resumes and headshots along with any showreel/tape you have. I have a copy of the script if anyone is interested (you can email me at A synopsis of the project and breakdown of the characters follows:“Head To Love” Synopsis:

Mino is a recently widowed father to Klara- an enigmatic child who is blind and hypersensitive to touch. Isolated and psychologically imprisoned, together they mourn Izabela- deceased mother and wife. Now Klara can no longer harness her most functional and intrinsic sense- used to convey thoughts, feelings and sentiment to her mother . She deeply desires her mother’s presence both spiritually and physically.

As time passes, the difficulty of coping with such a loss drives Mino into further torment, and he even goes so far as attempting to “bring back” Izabela with repeated paintings of her. This superficial effort has little effect on rekindling Klara’s spirits and instead causes more grief, which begins to permeate throughout the house.

Mino walks into town and paints a mural of his beloved deceased on a wall. The mural becomes a presentment of ideal beauty to a disparaged graffiti artist, Matthew. In time, he develops an obsession with the figure. A sinister scheme is conceived aimed at luring the susceptible artist to Mino’s atelier, where he witnesses a twisted art project that serves to keep Izabela’s memory alive and indulge Klara’s desire for the human touch.
Character Descriptions:

Male / 45-60 / Caucasian
MINO – Full-bodied, strongly built but not obese. Eccentric. Black hair or distinctively bald. Loving father and widow. His wife’s recent death has caused him terrible suffering. A powerful presence, intimidating at will, you don’t want to anger him. Yet, when he has your respect, he is caring and generous. Extremely protective of his family.

Female / 10-14/ Caucasian
KLARA – Like her dead mother Izabela, Klara has long, dark-brown hair with piercing greenish-brown eyes- but she is blind. Enigmatic, highly sensitive with a profound awareness. Intelligent, strong-willed and manipulative. She deeply mourns her mother and desires her return, both spiritually and physically.

Male / 40-45 / Caucasian
MINO’S SERVANT – Smaller in stature to Mino. Outwardly, he seems innocent, harmless, funny and likeable. But his amicable disposition is misleading. Like an expert poker player, he can coax others into a false sense of security and then attack at the opportune moment. Despite all this, he strongly believes his intentions are justifiable- for his master’s well being.

Male / 23-26 / Caucasian
MATTHEW – Soft spoken, thin and lank, on the nerdy side. Soft, clear skin. Dark, uncombed hair long enough to cover his eyes. Wears eyeglasses. He is a struggling artist who, although not an egoist, is vain enough to believe his art is important and must be bestowed upon the public for their spiritual benefit. Searching for a deeper purpose, he shuns the ugly, ordinary reality around him aspiring to an idealistic, poetical realm.

Male / 23-26 / Caucasian
PAUL – A local hooligan. Cynical but not stupid. Unlike Matthew, he is only concerned with life’s simple, material pleasures and hesitates to venture beyond. If he is driven by anything, it’s just simple curiosity and the inclination to “be in the know”.

1 comment February 7th, 2008

Casting Call For Short Film – Actors and Extras

Hey Everyone, found this on the Prague Post classifieds:

Casting call for a short film to be shot April 12th and 13th.

We need:
2 female actresses, 60 to 70 years, 1 female actress, 40-50, 2 female actresses, 12 to 15 (spoken English required-British accent preferred).
2 female extras, 20 to 25, 5 male extras & 4 female extras, 12 to 15.
This is a low budget production so we can not offer high salaries. Meals and transportation will be provided for during the shoot.
Please E-mail a short resume and your headshot and/or picture

1 comment February 7th, 2008

One student’s thoughts on his first film experience

I thought that this description from our acting student JP on how he approached his first film was really interesting and wanted to share it with the rest of the readers here. If you have thoughts on this or your own approach, be sure to leave a comment!


Hey, all

Just thought I’d take Ben’s suggestion and send around some of my thoughts and reactions to my film shoot with FAMU. I thought it was a great chance to put to the test everything we’ve been doing and see how it’s helped. It was great to try out, listening to your partner, reacting to their behavior, not knowing what was coming in a scene, delivering a line after learning a script by rote, and getting out of your head and just being real. I can see I still have a way to go, but the class definately has brought me several steps ahead. I felt more confident in front of a camera and in front of other more experienced actors. I felt more assured and had less fear of inferiority after all the work from class.

Of course when the camera starts rolling the fear of looking good, being good, and the temptation to get into your head starts popping up. On day one, when I was in front of the camera for the first time and the director shouted “action” I was nervous as hell. I felt like I was in my head. it was s simple scene, nothing very emotional like we’d been practising, so I went back to day one or two of class- I put my attention on my partner and just started noticing simple behavior in him- “He’s looking at that window. He’s very intent. He looked sideways. He’s starting to stroll.” That helped me forget myself almost like magic. It was great.

I had one angry scene where I was supposed to bawl out two other people. That one really made me nervous. I was worried about over-doing or being “actorish.” Truth be known I still have to see the cut before I can judge it, but I found that forgetting the logical reason why I was shouting and finding an emotional basis for it (my sister is cuddling with a total stranger who is almost 20 years her senior in a very overly-affectionate, almost sexual way) helped me to be more in the reality of it and to feel the anger more.

During some scenes where I wasn’t supposed to be looking at my partners, who are usually my center of focus, I found it helpful just to chill, take a few breaths, and focus on my other senses- the cold air, the birds chirping, the picturesque landscape, the stinking hay in the barn. that helped me forget myself, my pose, my messy hair, the rolling camera and just stay more in the moment.

There’s a lot more I could say, but I think that hits the high points. All in all it was a great experience. If any of you have some more filming thoughts or some tips, please by all means send ’em around. Thanks Brian for getting me the role, and thanks to both the teachers for getting us this far. Cheers all. See you monday.


November 7th, 2007

PCFE Auditions this Friday

PCFE will be having auditions for actors on Friday, October 19th from 18:00 to 20:00. Casting will take place in the building of PCFE Film School in Pštrossova 19, Prague 1.

40 students will choose actors for their films, so all type of actors are needed. The hourly rate is usally 100 C.K.

If you have questions, you can contact Stepanka Novakova at 222 510 930.

October 16th, 2007

ZFK presents ‘IF’

The next free ZFK screening will be of the feature film ‘IF’ on SUNDAY
14/10/2007 @ Prostor SKUTECNOST, Czech Inn, Francouzskš 76

if…. is a 1968 cult film by British director Lindsay Anderson about an
armed rebellion at a British public school. The film is associated
with the 1960s counterculture movement; it was filmed at the time of
the student uprisings in Paris in May 1968, and it includes
controversial statements such as “There’s no such thing as a wrong
war. Violence and revolution are the only pure acts” and features
surrealist sequences throughout. On its release in the UK it was given
an X certificate. The film stars Malcolm McDowell as Mick Travis (a
character Anderson used in two sequels). Arthur Lowe, Peter Jeffrey,
Richard Warwick, David Wood, Christine Noonan, and Rupert Webster (as
the pretty young boy Bobby Phillips) also take starring roles. It won
the 1969 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2004 the magazine
Total Film named it the sixteenth greatest British film of all time.

if…, as far to our knowledge, has never been screened in Czech
Republic before. This night will also include a series of short films
before the main feature including the winner of the 2007 Manhattan
Short FIlm Festival ‘100th of a second’. Also showing will be a series

1 comment October 5th, 2007

Manhattan Film Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Don’t forget to go to the Zizkov Film Klub’s “Manhattan Short Film Festival” Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a unique chance to see some great short films and vote for the winner. The votes will be tabulated from regional festivals world-wide. Go and be a part of history! For more information, visit the Zizkov Film Klub’s webpage at

September 27th, 2007

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